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DEC awards its media partners

January 27, 2015

The Dubai Economic Council (DEC) has organized a “Media Partners Award Party” on Monday at Burj Al Arab hotel. The event was attended by a number of highly ranked media institutions including: the Media Office of the Government of Dubai, Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), Dubai Press Club, in addition to the representatives of media community in the UAE. 

In His welcome speech, H.E. Hani Al Hamli, DEC Secretary General highly commended the media role by saying, The DEC initiation in awarding its media partners comes within its firm belief in the vital role played by the media institutions in various different forms in consolidating the cultural and civilizational movement taking place in the UAE in various fields. This awarding ceremony is the minimum required to be offered to all media officials and employees of various institutions on their vital role in the processes of development.

An enhanced environment for creative media 
The Secretary General said that Media is given great attention from the Government of Dubai under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. 

Mr. Hani said that UAE has provided the infrastructure and the regulatory framework for the proper establishment of civilized and modern media institutions; and the latter have become an integral part of the institutional framework of government and society, such as the National Media Council. The country has also provided an environment that stimulates creativity in media and the allocation of awards for journalism excellence, such as the Arab Journalism Award, and the Majid Bin Mohammed Youth Media Award, along with awards organized by the national press, such as Teryam Imran Press Award, etc..

Media keeps Pace with economic thriving of UAE
The Secretary General stressed that the media was able to keep up, especially with economic thriving march of the UAE and extends for more than 43 years, during which it was able to achieve many remarkable achievements, which constitute each milestone in its economy and society and the vital role on the regional and international levels. The media has also supplemented tremendous progress in digital media and social media networking placing the UAE at the forefront of countries in the region and possibly in the world to utilize this new technology in the media industry. 

“You may agree with me that the media in the UAE faces challenges at the forefront of how to move forward to keep pace with the rapid economic developments in various fields and at the local, regional and international levels”, Mr. Al Hamli added.

The Secretary General said that economic growth of the country mounts every day and affects various sectors and economic activities, but the challenge is represented by the growing variables in the regional and international spheres, which requires the institution National Media to double efforts and upgrade potentials and performance and the level of ambition to transfer from transiting events to making it in line with the aspirations of our wise leadership and peoples well-being and progress.

Media is a Strategic Partner
The Secretary General stated that DEC perceives media as a strategic partner through its role in the dissemination of knowledge and awareness of the business community and decision-making about various activities of the Council particularly those related to the outputs of the strategic dialogues conducted by the Council throughout the year, both with and especially among its members, who represent various economic activities in Dubai or through interactive platforms provided by the Council for decision-makers in the public and private sectors beside international experts and stakeholders on various issues of strategic importance to the economy of Dubai and the UAE

“We hope that this celebration is a step forward in the way of the partnership between your institutions and the DEC”, Mr. Hani concluded. 

Honoring officials and media representatives 
Then Mr. Hani awarded representatives of media institutions and their reporters working in business sections. Included institutions who have been honored: the Media Office of the Government of Dubai, Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), Dubai Press Club, the Emirates News Agency (WAM), in addition to local newspapers, such as Al Bayan , Al Khaleej, Al Ittihad, Emarat Al Youm, Al Ruya, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Gulf Today, in addition to the number of channels, such as CNBC Arabia, Sky News Arabia, Dubai TV, and media institutions and publishing houses such as The Economist, Zawya Thomson Reuters, and ITP publishing Group. Then, a group photo of all media representatives, who were awarded by the DEC, followed by a luncheon.

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