Dubai Government

Executive Roundtables on "Clusters and Dubai's Competitiveness"

June 1, 2009 - June 2, 2009

Dubai Competitiveness Council (DCC), the operational arm of Dubai Economic Council (DEC), published a report on clusters and competitiveness in Dubai under the supervision of Dr Christian Ketels of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School. This report is one of steps for initiating and facilitating a private and public dialogue aimed at enhancing Dubai’s global competitiveness and overcoming new challenges. The aim of this report was not only to assess the economic situation and make recommendations but also create forums for debates and discussions on what Dubai should do next in order to capitalize on its success and move into a more innovation driven, higher value added economy, to be specialized, diversified and yet unique in today’s global knowledge based economy. A sustainable cluster must be built upon companies and individuals linked to each other with access to a knowledge and skilled labour and they must owe their success to being distinctive and unique.

The DCC’s first phase of the cluster assessment project, that started with the Financial, Logistics, Construction/Real Estate and Tourism clusters, is targeting the nature of complex linkages between various elements of Dubai’s economy, the weaknesses that need to be addressed, strengths that have to be enhanced, various value-chains that provide opportunities for upgrading Dubai’s economy and of course re-visiting policies and strategies.

The enhancement of linkages between the cluster stakeholders, both public and private is in the centre of DEC’s attention; hence the DCC has taken the leadership in initiating the facilitation of these linkages, providing with a world class knowledge and expertise on cluster development as well as creating platforms for discussions and exchange of experience. One of the outcomes of the study that will enhance the development of the clusters is to come up with evidence and consensus based recommendations for both public and private sector for developing those clusters, hence enhancing Dubai’s competitiveness.
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