Dubai Government

DEC Secretariat hosted a second session on Company Law Draft

April 5, 2011

The DEC Secretariat General has recently hosted a second hearing session about the Company Law Draft. The session was chaired by HE Juma Al Majed, DEC Chairman, in the presence of HE Hani Al Hamli, DEC Secretary General, together with a number of representatives of business sector in Dubai. The session aimed to comment on the report made by the Company Law Draft Advisory Committee.

HE Juma Al Majed extends his sincere gratitude to all departments in the UAE and Dubai particularly those who considered the business community’s perspective on the said law project. HE Al Majed also appreciates the Advisory Committee members for their dedication to draft the report on the said project. He also thanks all institutions including the legal consultancy firms for their comments and suggestions on the law draft.

Then, floor has been opened for questions and answers. The audience asserted that the law project should cater the national economy in the direction that would raise the economic and social welfare of the UAE citizens.

At the end of the session, the audience approved the report, and the DEC Secretariat would forward it to the officials concerned. 

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