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Business Environment and the Future of Development in Dubai” Policy Conference

November 23, 2011

“Business Environment and the Future of Development in Dubai” Policy Conference

(Dubai, The Address Downtown hotel, 23-24 November, 2011)

The DEC has organized a two-day policy conference entitled “Business Environment, and the Future of Development in Dubai” that taken place on November 23-24, 2011.

The conference presented the key findings of a comprehensive investment climate research project based on the Dubai Enterprise Level Survey 2010 (DELS-2010). The survey and the study is the first of its kind in the GCC and it provides scientific empirical evidence at the enterprise level on investment climate and economic performance in all industrial sectors represented in Dubai (manufacturing, construction, financial and services) and for all economic zones (Free-Zone and Non-Free Zone areas).

This is a partnership effort with the Washington-based Center for Global Development (CGD), which jointly issued the report with DEC, in collaboration with both Dubai Statistics Center, which has been responsible for the process of re-designing, conducting and documenting the survey as well as generating, cross-checking and storing the data and making it accessible to the research team, and Economic Zones World (EZW), which facilitated the survey on the free zone areas as well as contributed to the chapter on free zone establishments.

The main objectives of the conference is to create an opportunity to bring together the private and the public sector with a view of active policy debate, knowledge transparency on productivity and with regards to the prospects and challenges facing Dubai’s current and future economic development. The conference also aims to assist the Government of Dubai refining its post-crisis development strategy for sustained and dynamic economic growth; and the private industrial sector to explore its potential to expand into new areas of high and dynamic productivity growth that would ultimately contribute towards higher levels of welfare for all.

The Conference was attended by high government officials from Dubai/UAE, representatives of business sector in Dubai, local and international academics, and regional and international development organizations, namely:
   •  Middle East & North Africa, World Bank
   •  Center for Global Development (CGD)
   •  Arab Planning Institute (Kuwait)
   •  Deutsche Bank
   •  Standard Chartered bank
   •  Economic Zones World (EZW)
   •  Dubai Statistics Center
   •  Dubai Economic Department (DED)
   •  University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)
   •  University of Frankfort
   •  University of Sharjah
   •  UAE University


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