Dubai Government

EPRC to forecast the outlook of economic activity in Dubai

August 7, 2011

EPRC is currently involving in conducting a bundle of applied studies to forecast the outlook of economic activity in macroeconomic and sectoral levels in Dubai. These studies aim to achieve a package of policy recommendations that would contribute to support the based-research decision-making circles to enhance the economic growth of Dubai.

Those studies include, among others, forecasts of economic growth of Dubai, monetary and fiscal policies in the UAE, labour market, investment climate in Dubai whether in free zones or main Dubai, energy sector, and others. 

The methodology advocated in these researches stems from the applied studies based on econometric models, data collected from officials concerned, or surveys based on the best practices worldwide.
Many EPRC experts are participating in these research projects, in addition to the cooperation with various governmental entities, businesses, academics in the UAE, and international organizations, research centers and experts.  

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